About Tea, part 2

The latest great thing about tea service is that we have found a way to treat tea drinkers to the same excellent quality and service that their coffee drinking companions have enjoyed at our events for the last 20 years.

ltartisan1.jpgSo often, tea drinkers at otherwise elegant events have been an after thought. While the coffee drinkers are treated to exotic roast coffees, tea drinkers have had to deal with a damp tea bag and the ardent hope that someone will come by and give them some more hot water.

We think our new tea service is lovely. Beautiful hand-tied organic tea leaves with floral aromas blossoming in delicate clear glass pots. From the start, we were intrigued and delighted by the presentation and the quality of the experience. Presentation to each guest begins with a velvet-lined jewel box of flowering white, green and black organic teas and flowers to customize each pot. Choose one or more varieties and float the delicious ” flower ” of tea in steaming water and watch the leaves unfold. Add a few pink rosebuds for fragrance. Fantastic! Talk about the way perfect way to end the evening.

bloom.jpgIn our ongoing charge to serve only organic products, the flowering teas fit right in. Hand-tied and chosen for their quality and flavor, the flowering teas offer the full benefits to health that are coming to light in research all over the world. Though delicate in flavor and liquoring, these teas contain all the beneficial polyphenols you hear about in the news these days. So not only is the tea service beautiful and elegant, it is good for you too! 

The flowering tea is so enticing that regular coffee drinkers request it, especially when they find themselves coveting the fragrant beverage of the tea drinker seated next to them at the table.

Photo Credit: www.numitea.com and www.fullbloomtea.com


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